Institute of Quantum Electronics


The Institute of Quantum Electronics (IQE), Peking University, consists of seven research groups. The research directions include quantum optics and quantum information, cold atomic physics and precision measurement, ultrafast optics, optical frequency standard, microwave atomic clock, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging and free space optical communication. The institute has 13 faculty members, including 5 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior engineer, 1 assistant researcher and 1 engineer. More than 100 doctoral and master degree students (academic and engineering) are enrolled.

The following research are undertaken in the IQE with excellent results: quantum key distribution, random number generator, potassium and rubidium mixture, simulation based on the quantum Bose gas, calcium atomic beam frequency standard, ultra-fast laser, optical fiber laser comb generator, optical frequency standards, rubidium atomic clock, optical pumping cesium atomic clock, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, free space laser communication.

The Institute of Quantum Electronics is engaged in a number of National 973 Program, National 863 Program, National Natural Science Foundation of China,  international cooperation and industrial cooperation projects, with an average annual research funding of 30 million RMB. More than 30 international journal papers published annually. Providing students with excellent research conditions and opportunities for international cooperation.

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